Overview of the GCTP

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The Greene County TEA Party (GCTP) is now formed in Greene County, Ohio, as a subchapter of the Dayton Tea Party LLC. The Dayton Tea Party is a taxable, non-profit corporation.

Reflecting the acronym of TEA: Totally Engaged Americans, the GCTP is a service-oriented, member-run organization with the mission to educate, influence, mobilize, and motivate citizens of our community to preserve their freedom and liberty and to exercise their responsibility, as American citizens, to take an active, assertive role in the governance of their communities, state, and nation.

The GCTP emphasizes these five core values:

  • Protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law,
  • Promoting limited, effective, and transparent local, state, and federal governments,
  • Promoting personal and governmental fiscal responsibility,
  • Promoting the free market system, and
  • Assuring the integrity, transparency, and accountability of all appointed and elected government officials.

The GCTP strives to bring about positive changes in our government and our elected and appointed officials by:

  • Helping center-right mainstream voters understand public policy issues and the positions of candidates and elected/appointed officials relevant to the core values,
  • Having choices on the ballot of candidates that share these core values, and
  • Promoting changes in law and public policy that strengthen the core values.

All voting-age residents of Greene County, sharing these core values, are welcome to join the GCTP as general members. Voting-age residents of Ohio outside of Greene County can join as non-voting associate members.

The Greene County TEA Party is a subchapter of the Dayton Tea Party. The Dayton Tea Party is a taxable, non-profit LLC.

The Greene County TEA Party was formed in early 2014. The current officers are:

  • President: Dennis Crouch
  • Vice-president: Mark Bryan
  • Secretary: Jim Holtkamp
  • Treasurer: Paul Stackhouse
  • Board of Directors Members-at-Large:
    • David Crippen
    • Marlene Johnson
    • Carolyn Uecker