GCTP Meeting March 22 to Review Election Results and Show “Rocky Mountain Heist”


Michelle MalkinCome to the Greene County TEA Party (GCTP) meeting March 22 at 6:30 PM at the Xenia Community Center (XCC). We will review election results from our critical March 15 Ohio primary, and see a powerful video showing how a small group of liberals captured the Colorado government and made it a liberal state. We need to understand their tactics so we can resist any such efforts in Ohio.

In the video you will learn about the “Gang of Four”— A secretive group of leftist millionaires and billionaires. Together they orchestrated one of the most successful campaign-funding schemes ever devised in politics. Barack Obama’s mission to fundamentally transform America was brought to Colorado. Those who didn’t agree with the Progressive agenda being passed from the liberal state Capital were targeted and harassed! Most troubling? “The Colorado Model” is being replicated. It may be coming to a state near you! It all started with four wealthy liberals who pulled off one of the greatest political make-overs in recent history.

The video is produced by Citizens United. Michelle Malkin narrates the video, and says this about it: “Liberty-loving Americans: You must watch our film exposing how a small group of wealthy liberals overtook Colorado. They used every scheme possible to impose a backward agenda and they transformed the place I love into a testing ground for their liberal ideology. Make sure it doesn’t happen in your state next!” Click HERE to see the trailer for this powerful, 45-minute video!

Come and join us at the Xenia Community Center, 1219 Second Street in Xenia, on Tuesday, March 22. A social begins at 6:30pm and our program begins at 7:00pm. See you there!