GCTP Informed about the IRS at Public Meeting with Dr. Wayne Essex


Wayne Essex Presentation Jan 2016The audience attending the Greene Co Tea Party Public Meeting January 26 was totally engaged in hearing Dr. Wayne Essex, founder and CEO of Essex & Associates, in what Wayne had to say about the IRS. Many questions were  asked of Dr. Essex in answer to the many IRS issues he discussed and the personal anecdotes he shared. The Greene County Tea Party expressed its appreciation for Dr. Essex giving up his valuable time to all of us. He has a very popular newsletter that has gained much attention. You can go to His Website to sign up for this entertaining and insightful newsletter.

After the presentation, the audience once again “voted” for the Presidential candidate of their choice, and here are the results:  Ted Cruz – 15, Donald Trump – 5, Marco Rubio – 3, Ben Carson – 2, John Kasich – 1, Carly Fiorina – 1, Mike Huckabee – 1,  and “any Libertarian – 1.”  Ted Cruz appears to be leading among conservatives in Ohio, Florida, and Illinois, and 80-90 percent of respondents would be willing to consider changing their vote to unite behind one candidate.Click Here for more details from the Ohio Conservatives United website.