The Democratic Party is Pushing Radical Pro-Abortion Policies


Democrats in Washington D.C. are pushing for radical pro-abortion policies to be forced on every state in the country. The Daily Signal reports:
“House Democrats passed a bill Friday that would codify Roe v. Wade and massively expand abortions in the United States…
The legislation is backed strongly by President Joe Biden’s administration…
The legislation, which calls for on-demand abortions “without limitations or requirements” and for the promotion of “access to abortion services,” has been severely condemned by pro-life activists and Republicans.
“With this bill, the Democrat Party has rejected every restraint on abortion,” said Penny Nance, CEO and president of Concerned Women for America’s Legislative Action Committee. “For them, aborting unborn children is nothing more than just another medical procedure. It’s a sick perspective that reflects the moral bankruptcy of their party, and it is infecting our country. Democrats exalt aborting babies as the ultimate empowerment of a self-made life.” “God weeps,” Nance said.
National Right to Life President Carol Tobias warned that the legislation is designed to remove “all legal protections” for unborn babies at both the state and federal levels, calling the bill “the Abortion Without Limits Until Birth Act.”
Heritage Action for America Executive Director Jessica Anderson said the bill would be “the greatest assault on human dignity in America since Roe… Left-wing politicians are cynically using the cover of ‘women’s health’ to disguise their plan to destroy every life-affirming law in the country,” Anderson said. “This bill would go far beyond Roe v. Wade to gut broadly supported federal and state laws protecting religious freedom, force taxpayers to pay for abortions, and, ironically, destroy rules that actually protect women’s health from dangerous procedures.””

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