GCTP Meeting Next Tuesday, January 25: Prosecuting Attorney David Hayes to Speak on Law & Order

The GCTP is very pleased to have the Greene County Prosecuting Attorney speak at our January Public Meeting next Tuesday. His primary topic is Law and Order, a subject of Continue Reading →

Gil Gutknecht says “Let’s go Brandon” movement shows Americans “aren’t going to take it anymore”

Former Congressman Gil Gutknecht says “the entire Let’s go Brandon movement is much bigger than a race car driver or even this president. There is a growing majority of Americans who are tired of being talked down to. They … Continue Reading →

GCTP Meeting February 21: Hidden in Plain Sight, Human Trafficking in Our Community!

Come out to this important meeting about the tragedy of human trafficking, and what you can do to help stop it! Presentations will include: What is human trafficking, who is Continue Reading →

Democratic Party puts Politics Ahead of Safety for the American People


President Trump wants a border wall that’s effective in stopping the drugs, gangs, crime and violence that are flowing into our country as a result of illegal immigration. But the Democratic Party refuses all efforts at compromise, putting politics

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Ohio’s Issue 1 Proposal, Promoted by Billionaire Liberals, Called ‘Drug Dealer Amnesty Act’


Ohio’s “Issue 1” ballot referendum has polarized Ohio’s political and law enforcement communities ahead of November’s midterm elections.

On the one side you have virtually every law enforcement group in the state, Republican candidates like Mike DeWine for governor

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