GCTP In-Person and Online (Zoom) Meeting with Rep Bill Dean on Tuesday, July 28, Speaking on the Fairness Act(OH) & Equality Act (U.S.)

Come hear State Representative Bill Dean speak at Greene County TEA Party Meeting at Xenia Community Center and on “Zoom”, Tuesday July 28, 2020, @ 7:00pm Rep Bill Dean, Ohio Continue Reading →

GCTP Meeting: “Social Justice” and the Constitution in Xenia and Online Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Come and hear how the “Social Justice” movement threatens our freedoms and demonstrates the battle between the secular and biblical worldviews raging in our nation today, and how the loss Continue Reading →

GCTP Meeting August 23: “Capitalism and Socialism” By: Bert Wheeler, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, and “Berry Chair of Free Enterprise”

Today’s news contains significant discussion on Socialism and has gained great interest, particularly among younger people. A major Democrat Candidate, an avowed Socialist, gained major attention and millions of votes Continue Reading →