GCTP Meeting Tuesday, 26 Jan 2016, 6:30pm: Why You Can’t Trust the IRS, with Dr. Wayne Essex, at Xenia Community Center, 1219 2nd Street in Xenia Ohio


Dr. Wayne EssexDr. Wayne Essex, President, owner and founder of the large Essex and Associates Accounting Firm, a Dayton company, will speak on a most favorite subject of us all – TAXES!! His discussion of the IRS will enlighten you with the many examples of when and how the IRS was wrong. Should we eliminate the IRS? He’ll discuss that. Dr Essex was personally targeted by the IRS and he’ll let you know what you must do when/if targeted. Wayne presents strategies in layman’s language with real life case studies and anecdotes. He is an engaging university, tax and accounting, adjunct professor, speaker and lecturer.  Dr. Essex is recognized for his ability to bring clarity and common sense to the complex issues of state and federal tax avoidance. Dr Essex speaks throughout the United States at professional business organizations, as an advisor to prominent individuals, as well as churches, schools, and camps.

Dr Essex is one of the region’s top tax strategist and business coaches. His company provides exceptional accounting, tax preparation, and financial services. His leadership resulted in his company growing at an amazing rate of 900% and was named the fastest growing company in 2009 in Dayton, OH. He is the author of several tax and financial booklets including, “How to Get Rich” and “How to Pay Minimal Taxes and Still Sleep at Night.” His articles have appeared in many publications in and around the Miami Valley. Wayne is the publisher of the enormously popular newsletter, Less Taxing Times.

The Greene County Tea Party is very proud that Dr Essex will speak to us on this most important subject, a subject that has caused many conservative organizations to “give up” attempting to gain registration with the IRS. The event starts at 6:30pm with a social and the program begins at 7:00pm. The event is free but your donation will help us to offer such exceptional programs in the future.