Congress Must End Taxpayer Funding for Planned Parenthood


baby5mos_nrlc2 317 wideWe have been shocked at the series of videos showing footage of senior Planned Parenthood officials laughing as they callously, heartlessly discuss selling the body parts of unborn children which they have killed by abortion. The Constitution guarantees a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but the Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that there is no longer a right to life for the most helpless, those still in the womb.
However, the current legality of abortion essentially up until the time of birth does not mean American taxpayers should be forced to fund abortion. It is outrageous that our tax dollars continue to go a Planned Parenthood organization that kills hundreds of thousands of unborn babies each year, and now has even been shown to profit by marketing the parts of those babies! Despite Planned Parenthood’s propaganda, ending taxpayer funding of abortion providers will have little impact on a woman’s access to healthcare. Prolife leaders in Congress are proposing that funding eliminated from Planned Parenthood be diverted to other organizations who do not perform abortions, which already do the vast majority of prenatal care in the nation.
As Senator (and Presidential candidate) Ted Cruz recently stated:
“The abortion industry places more value on killing babies than it does on the sanctity of human life, and under no circumstance should it receive taxpayer funds. This is more than a mere fiscal matter — this is a moral issue. How we handle this issue reflects who we are as Americans and what we value most — either the lives of the most innocent and the health of our nation’s mothers, daughters and sisters or the fiscal solvency of an industry that exists to abort babies.
For these reasons, I intend to lead the fight in the United States Senate to defund Planned Parenthood, even while investigations continue. The time for show votes is over. Funding the federal government does not require funding Planned Parenthood. But basic decency and our commitment to the right to life does require that we stop taxpayer funding of abortions and any trade in baby parts.”
To succeed in defunding Planned Parenthood, each of us must do our part. If you agree that this is a critical issue, contact your Representative and our two US Senators. Click here to contact Rep Mike Turner, whose Ohio 10th district includes Greene and Montgomery County. Click here to contact Ohio Sen Rob Portman, and click here to contact Sen Sherrod Brown.

(Note: on Twitter, you can follow the effort to defund Planned Parenthood by searching for #DefundPP)