GCTP Meeting Next Tuesday, June 22, 2021: “An Important Double Header” Rules for Radicals-Saul Alinsky AND Health Care-Better Ideas



“Know your enemy” is critical as Sun Tsu explains. Jeremy Cox, GCTP Vice President, will explain the rules established by Saul Alinsky and the left. You will know his rules.

Without knowledge we will lose the battles, and perhaps the war. Tocqueville gravely warned that citizens must be regularly involved in governing ourselves, or self-government would pass from the scene. Jeremy will ensure each of us understand the tactics of the left to enable all of us to be a force in society predicated on volunteerism.

We cannot afford to lose! All of us must be equipped to “fight and win.” Jeremy Cox will show us how to do this.


Americans for Prosperity, Ezra Escudero, recognizes that American health care is some of the best in the world, but the current system is plagued by bureaucracy, insecurity, and hidden prices. Ezra will discuss the path forward.

Instead of working to cut through the red tape, proposals are increasingly calling for doubling down on the failed status quo through a government takeover of health care.

We need not just fight bad ideas like the Public Option and Medicare for All – but explain better ideas like a Personal Option. It gives choice, control, greater affordability, and quality from the medical professionals. A national coalition is needed.

AFP has assembled the best experts in health care and public policy, to help you mobilize friends & neighbors in this important effort. Be a problem-solver in your community.

Meeting information:

Where:   Xenia Community Center, 1265 W. Second St, Xenia, OH 45385

Date/Time:  Tuesday, June 22, 2021, 6:30 pm Social, 7:00 pm Program.  

Free and open to the public.  Refreshments will be served.

This event is sponsored by Greene County TEA Party, PO Box 123, Xenia, OH 45385. You can learn more at greenecountyteaparty.org or email us at gcohtp@mail.com