Conservative Brendan Shea on the Ballot for State Board of Education


As the Left works to corrupt education, grossly distorting American history and teaching un-American viewpoints, it is especially important to elect conservatives to the State Board of Education! Brendan Shea is a strong conservative running in District 10 of the State Board of Education, which includes Greene County. He is endorsed by the Republican Party, but cannot have an ‘R’ next to his name on the ballot. (Similarly, conservative Ohio Supreme Court Justices Judi French and Sharon Kennedy, as well as Chris Epley (running for Court of Appeals), are endorsed by the Republican Party, but also cannot have an ‘R’ next to their names.)

Brendan’s Facebook page at Shea for Ohio summarizes his positions: “I support: -school choice, including public, charter, private, religious, and home school -parental rights and religious liberty -eliminating Common Core and protecting local control -improving career readiness and increasing academic rigor -combating revisionist history, such as the 1619 Project -removing harmful influences, like Planned Parenthood, from our schools”