Preparing for the Crucial 2020 General Election


As you are aware, we had to cancel the GCTP Candidates Night due to COVID restrictions. Fortunately, there are several websites that may help you analyze and select your candidates.

If you’re not aware of, it’s a thorough and unbiased site that vets the candidates after doing a ton of research on each candidate. They find their voting records if they’re incumbents. They also list their donors, who they donated to, who endorsed them, and each candidate is asked to answer a questionnaire. With this background info, volunteers like Ricki Pepin of the Institute on the Constitution, compare this information along with the candidates’ issue positions on their website or other social media, or through internet searches. The candidates are then rated on a scale and in-depth information is posted under the candidate’s name on the same ballot.  After a team ranks candidates, they have a Zoom conference to ensure agreement on the rating which includes an appeal process, when needed.

As a voter who wants more information on the candidates, all you must do is type in your zip code or address on the ivoterguide website and information on your ballot’s candidates will be provided. Results include federal and state representatives, judge candidates and State School Board.

Another nonpartisan website that we have discussed before includes Ballotpedia. Its website is This website contains a wealth of information on politics and candidates.

And importantly, you can get a sample copy of your actual ballot on the Greene County website at

We hope this is useful to you in preparing for this critical election.  PLEASE VOTE!!

Your Greene County Tea Party Board