Democratic Socialism vs Free Enterprise Debate at Wright State a Big Success


Our Democratic Socialism vs Free Enterprise debate on 12 November was a big success. A huge thanks goes to Rea Hederman from the Buckeye Institute ( ), a free enterprise think tank in Ohio, and the Wright-State University College Republicans were instrumental in making the event a success. The WSU Student Success Center was a perfect venue for the event. We’re appreciative for the academic presentation of Jarod Kiser of WSU for presenting the Democratic Socialism viewpoint. As a senior in economics, Jarod did a great job of presenting the Democratic Socialists viewpoint, even though a Free Enterprise advocate.

It is hoped we can present another similar event later with the Democratic Socialists at the event in full force. It’s so important that all are educated on Free Enterprise and Democratic Socialism. A recent poll indicates that a majority of Gen Z (16-22) & millennials (23-38) favor Socialism, whereas Capitalism is heavily favored by Gen X (39-54), Boomers (55-73), and the Silent Majority (74+).  Continuing to educate our young people on Socialism and Free Enterprise is vital if we are to retain the freedoms we enjoy now. The Greene County TEA Party will continue efforts in this area.